Going Camping

Not many times do you need to build a structure and then transport it. Unfortunately not too many times has happened quite often in my life. Before I’ve always had the necessary equipment and human power to do such a task. This time? Well this time I wasn’t planning on the structure (aka dog house) to be that big. Then, once it started morphing into a monstrosity, I changed plans and was going to build it in sections, then bolt it together in one place. I’m sure you see where this story is going….Kids got involved, then lots of progress was made and the night seemed endless and before I knew any better, the structure had been built, sans sections.

Now for the true entertainment. I lacked the equipment and the human power to move the enormous dog house.

Let’s start with the trailer. I bought my trailer with full intention of using it for small catering gigs. The trailer came in a cardboard box. I unboxed it, bolted it together, and welded the bolts. My friend and I welded a piece of expandable metal on the floor of the trailer and then mounted a hog cooker we made to it. It worked great for several catering events and smoke-offs. Eventually I stopped catering and it grew dust, so I took the smoker off and now just have a utility trailer.

I welded a frame to receive solid sideboards, and also have a solid ply top for the trailer.

I’m glad my welding skills are a touch better than what I think they are because I was now going to put the trailer to the ultimate test…a top-heavy load down a steep hill. First? To load the damn thing.

I built the doghouse on my lower assembly bench, 4’x8’, roughly 30” tall. My trailer? Its 4’x8’ too. Perfect. But its height including sideboards is 38”. I used a floor jack and a section of a post to raise the front of the dog house above the trailer’s height.

I then backed my trailer under it and used a couple of digging bars as rollers and rolled. the doghouse uphill onto the trailer. I left the digging bars under it, strapped it down with oversized ratchet straps and journeyed down the hill in an uneventful manner. I backed into the driveway and then scratched my head as to how in the hell was I going to get this enormous dog house down off the top of my trailer, and have everything and everyone involved stay in one piece.

I had a couple of 4×4’s that were roughly seven feet in length. I used some blocking and fastened them to the rear of the trailer. I then took a piece of osb and fastened that to the 4×4. It looked ridiculous since the ramp was much shorter than the dog house. My wife wanted no part in the unload unless I made the ramp longer. I was worried a longer ramp would give way in the middle. Somehow she gave into my idea and helped me roll it onto the ramp and hold onto it through the pivot point. We kept it on track of the ramp until the rear of the dog house successfully hit ground. My wife’s jaw then hit the ground as well when I told her I was going to drive forward and slide the ramp out from under the house. It worked perfectly, just as I had planned.

I told my wife that when we sell our house, the new owners can enjoy the awesome dog house that comes with it. She said we’d just rent a fork lift when the time comes. I shook my head as I pressure washed it and got it all set up.

The house is a bit large, yes, I agree..but this puppy, you see, well this puppy started out as a Jack Russell. Ever seen “Never Ending Story? That’s the great ancestor of our dog. How does our pup like his new house? He’s ok with it, but barely gets a chance to check it out since the kids are always playing in it.

I wonder..what if we load it back onto the trailer and use it as a travel trailer to go camping? Could you imagine having a front porch at a campsite? Now I think we are on to Something!

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