Slab Benches For Sale

Chairs come and chairs go, but stools are always here to stay. Sure, chairs can be comfortable for a spell, but they mask your bad posture, giving you a false feeling of cozy satisfaction…plus then there are the drinks you have. The chair helps cradle you, preventing any rash movements, or limbs flopping from numbness.

But a stool? Sitting on a stool makes you become aware of your body’s posture and aware of what your body consumes. Stools also have the benefit of making lazy company want to leave. On top of that, these beauties can be used for meditation tables or paired together for low tables of varying sizes.

Don’t be a fool and pass on this stool!

Dimensions: 24” wide x 14” deep x 20” tall (chair height). Slab top is approx. 2” thick.

Mortise and tenon throughout with buttons to allow for seasonal movement.

Available Type:

(All with assorted butterfly inlays)

Walnut and Oak

Sycamore and Oak

Spalted Maple and Oak

Elm and Oak

Oak and Maple

Spalted Poplar and Oak

Cherry and Oak

Locust and Oak

Scrap the chair and replace it with a dining stool!

I’ll be posting benches individually starting tomorrow, with detailed pictures.

$300 a piece or $2,000 for all eight

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