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Spring has me Sprung

Spring has me Sprung

   The winter doldrums have passed us by and now it seems the wind knows no end that carries us.   I've always been the anxious sort.  I always have this feeling that I'm going to be dust scattered across the ocean before I'm able to accomplish half of the...

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I have always thought that furniture should be both functional and beautiful. Living in in the Appalachian Mountains has made it easy to find wood that makes the furniture beautiful.  My family helps me understand what is truly functional, especially my kids in the designing of children's furniture.  

  I went to school for wooden boat building and have since built boats, houses, barns, and restaurants with a certain craftsman appeal.  Now I concentrate on furniture, mainly commission pieces and children's furniture.  

  My wife is a huge influence in the shop and what comes out of it.  With many years of education in early childhood development, she knows what works and what children can learn from.  We aim to have an entire line of children's furniture in the very near future.  

 I certainly hope you enjoy what you see and what we accomplish at the shop.  Check out our Blog to learn more about us and to see what we are up to.


Jarrett Seiple