Comission Custom, Handmade Furniture

Much of Cattywampus Woodworks handmade furniture is commissioned and is built to the exact specifications agreed upon with you, the client. I would enjoy an opportunity to explain how this works and would welcome your email!

Overview of process:

  1. Initial design fee of $300-$500 (will be rolled into final project).
  2. Client budget determined.
  3. Contract and quote provided after completed design.
  4. 50% non-refundable deposit due upon signing contract.
  5. Estimated production timeline will be provided.
  6. 50% balance due on project completion, before delivery.

Some disclaimers:

  • I will not copy another artist’s design or  that of a currently manufactured piece.
  • Period furniture can be reproduced but will require minor differences.
  • Changes in design after project begins will result in revised contract, additional expense, and delay in completion.
  • All rights to design drawings remain property of Cattywampus Woodworks.
  • All drawings & copies will be retained by Cattywampus Woodworks.

A Word about Furniture Commissions

In commissioning a custom piece of furniture you are entering into a fairly involved yet very exciting process, one in which you and I will work closely to develop a design that is pleasing to both of us. This is important because you will love the piece and share your home or office with this furniture for a very long time. I will also love the piece and will want it to have a good home!


With our designs, you can see what we will build throughout the planning stage through 3d sketches using some of the latest software for furniture concepts.