A child's first tent

Short and sweet.  I'm posting this because lots have shown interest in making something similar.   All you need is a drill, a saw, a handful of lumber, and an old bottom bed sheet (Did i word that right?  I didn't mean a bed sheet from an old bottom!) When selecting the lumber, any kind will do.  Pine for the legs and poplar for the dowel will do just fine and is all available at your local lumber store.   Remember that the lumber at the store...a 1x2 will be 3/4"x 1.5" instead of the true 2" that I used.. which is no big deal, just center the holes 2" in from each end of the leg.  A spade bit  (paddle bit) is best to drill the holes.  Wallow out the hole a bit or else it may be too tight to accept dowel.  Upon completion of the frame, be sure to round over/sand all edges.  Leave natural or put your favorite finish on it.  I opted for tung oil, so it can be wiped down from time to time.   Hope this helps!   I'll have tent kit available to sell soon, so all you will need is a sheet....and I'm talking my wife into picking out a fabric and sewing it to fit tent for a complete kit. Child's TentClick to enlarge/print plans

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