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Programs born to help people get an idea off the ground and form it into a business or profitable hobby seem to have taken a spiral plunge.  I now see someone asking for funding not for their painting business they are starting, but for your business to come paint their house, or for you to give them money so they can in turn pay someone to watch their children.  They don't want to learn from you about childcare nor do they want to learn the art of painting an expansive canvas in adverse conditions.   This movement has even begun to take over the online yardsales "in search of someone to do this for me for free because I can't afford to pay anyone and am unwilling to offer anything for their efforts". I cannot stand someone who has the desire for a trade to be done, but nothing to offer the tradesman in return.   I'm not even going to go into the fact that these people can afford the electronic platform to communicate on, but not what they are communicating for.  Skewed sense of priorities.  Nor let us go down the road of the rapper who recently had a Go Fund Me campaign started on his behalf because he spent millions that he didn't have. Instead, lets bring back the proper idea, but do an even more proper job of it.  My wife is extremely talented with any damn thing she touches.  Oftentimes, I've become struck with awe and jealousy as she picks up a task she has never done before and she accomplishes it as if her muscles have had the memory from doing it 1,000 times.    What makes her talent so much more special is that she is extremely gracious  and genuine in the way she conducts business.  She is never satisfied with the job she does and always gives the customer more than what they ask for. After several attempts, the brick upside my head has made this thought come to light:  What if I were to make a piece or two of woodwork over the course of a couple of months and sell them until I had enough funds to buy her a tool that would make her able to cater to her clients even better?  I prefer this method of getting her an embroidery machine because it stands for everything she and I believe in, and its a way I could say thanks for all the countless hours she has let me work i my shop.   I prefer this method greatly over the other idea of purchasing her a tool and a machine with the money that a corporation has given me, even if I have earned it. Some of these items that I will put forth to sell are old pieces, some will be new, some may be just pieces of lumber with character for you to create your own furniture, but I promise to have enough variety to fancy all that take interest.   And I promise that the money will purchase her embroidery machine, not antique woodworking tools from England off of Ebay. May this be the beginning of her embroidery machine and new shop!  May it interest at least one person to create something to acquire an item that is meaningful to them, their spouse, or their family.   It's a simple concept that is overridden by complex ideas that amount to nothing.   Have your time amount to something.  Have pride in what you do.  Learn a craft and pass it on. I'll be posting items on facebook.  If you have interest and live far, we can transact throught paypal after we talk shipping.  My first item is the first beer tote I made.  Highly figured chestnut and oak with copper nails.    $50.00 The photos below it are some of April's creations.  I'm especially partial to the babydoll carrier...mainly because my daughter is, and its an awesome teaching device to show care and compassion...and who wouldn't want to immitate Mama? image   


Cattywampus Woodworks

She usually doesn’t frequent my site since it has little to do with fabric and I have her blocked from viewing on social media. I believe I have the frame size you need….I’ll get in touch.

How you going to surprise her if you post it here? #2 I know somebody that will pay you to make a picture frame. Desperately need. It is falling apart. Cannot buy a frame this size!

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