Serve it up in Style

How annoying is it to arrive to your Airbnb for the holidays and find the kitchen inadequate in the selection of inviting and warm cooking instruments? Ever tried to prepare a meal for the family on a glass cutting board?   Not only does it give your blade's edge hell, it just imparts a cold feel and an unrewarding sound as you slice through the fresh fillet and your blade makes contact with the hard surface.   And treating it as a serving board?   I hope you have plenty of garnish handy to protect the cold granite from showing through the warm charcuterie presentation.  

    Pro tip:  Pack a favorite knife or two with a small board and your day will start and end in cooking delight. 

 Two common misnomers are:

1. That you need a cutting board to hold the entire salad's worth of ingredients as you prep.

2.  That you need a knife to go across the expanse of the cutting board.   

I'm unable to help you with your knife selection and length, as that's a bad habit that is extremely difficult to break.  What I can help you with is the size of your board.   Although I do offer large boards, platters, and always entertain custom orders of various sizes, I recommend a small board.

No matter the name of the board, there is no need to add extra heft and size to make it difficult to store, travel, use, and care for.     

A board roughly an inch in thickness, nine inches across, and twelve inches in length will suit most  tasks.   

 We have many boards to offer, but these two styles are my favorite to travel with.    While away from home for the past week, I have prepared and served Red Snapper, Prawns, Ropa Vieja (an amazing dish that challenges the existence of Beef Bourguignon), and served lots of cheese and veggies from both boards. 

The wheat board is decorative on one side (for display when not in use), and flat on the other for service.   

The organic shaped boards can be used on either side.  

For care, simply wiping them down with dampened dish towel will suffice, but they will stand up to a hearty wash if raw meat was present.   Oil when the board seems parched with any oil that you would cook with and have on hand.  

For more Information and to purchase:

Decorative Wheat Board

Organic Shaped Board


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