Spring has me Sprung

   The winter doldrums have passed us by and now it seems the wind knows no end that carries us.   I've always been the anxious sort.  I always have this feeling that I'm going to be dust scattered across the ocean before I'm able to accomplish half of the things I want to accomplish.   I'd like to think that my wife sees improvement with my anxiousness.   The multiflora is starting to green up and I'm letting it...I'm not out fighting it with a oversized weedeater that has a sawblade to replace the ineffective string.  

   More to the point, I come home at a decent hour.   It kills me to leave a daily task on a job unfinished, but what I gain is the ability to cook with my kids and have dinner with my family.   I get to watch my daughter learn how to ride a bike and get to watch my son learn how to run without caution.  I get to be with my wife and learn how to communicate in ways that aren't so blunt and man-like (the schooling is several years long, I hope!).   Speaking of man-like, I've noticed that if Tommy and I don't work ourselves down to the bones that we have the energy to put forth a great creative effort the next day.  Common sense, right?  Haha.  Need I state again that we are men?  

   We are about a month out from being able to accept any new woodwork/furniture projects and are starting to have a long waiting list of home renovation projects.

Tommy and I just finished up a beautiful kitchen that didn't need much, just a few accent pieces to make it into a place that matches the excellent food that comes out of it.   The homeowners love cherry wood and have a  bit of a modern thought.   We made a couple of end cabinets, added open shelving, put in new countertops, added a cast iron sink coupled to a filtration system and an instant hot water system.   We also installed the white subway tile backsplash.      

The other project we finished this week was a chimney on a beautiful house with an awesome view.    We watched the March snow squalls blow in off the Mountain.   When the mountain dissapeared, we knew it was time to get off the roof fast, before it hit and became too slick to navigate.   

In the shop we just started a farmhouse dining table on a trestle base that expands from a six seater to a ten seater with matching benches out of reclaimed pine.   The customer isn't exactly local, so we did a site visit, took dimensions, and drew several renderings to be sure that the customer and the shop were on the same page.


A new week is almost here.   With it we have a shower to tile, a table to build, a chair to finish, and several items to make and get out to local stores.   The snow will come, but that won't slow this woodshop down.  

  Hope everyone has a great end to the weekend...and don't forget to spring forward!   

-Cattywampus Woodworks

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