Sawmill Bench

Own a piece of history! Rustic cherry bench, the sawmill’s final farewell.

This stunning bench isn’t just furniture, it’s a story carved in rich, deep red cherry wood. The last tree ever milled by a legendary sawmill, each knot, swirl, and sawmark whispers of a bygone era, Ripplemead Lumber Company.

Greet guests in style. Picture muddy boots kicked off, replaced by smiles as they admire the bench’s timeless beauty. Or add a touch of rustic charm to your bedroom. Stack favorite novels on its sturdy seat, creating a cozy reading nook bathed in warm cherry glow.

Hand-finished with natural tung oil to accentuate the wood’s unique character, this bench isn’t just functional, it’s a conversation starter. Own a piece of history, invite warmth into your home, and let the legacy of a legendary mill live on.

Don’t just buy furniture, buy a story.

50” long x 13.5” wide x 22” tall.
Live-edge, waterfall style. Mortise and tenon joinery.